Dariart Gallery presents Daria Bagrintseva

We – the “Dariart” gallery (former K-2 Gallery) – are proudly presenting a very talented young female painter from Russia, Daria Bagrintseva. She has achieved a reputation as a professional painter, with memorable and vivid style of her easel works. However, Daria is also a sensitive graphic designer, an observant and distinctive photographer, and a capable interior designer who creates colorful and functional spaces.

A brief list of Daria’s themes include: Nude / Erotic, Wildlife, Florals & Botanicals, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Abstract art. She paints mostly with acryl on canvas. 

Daria Bagrintseva is a professional painter. Daria graduated from one of two major Russian art academies named by Stroganov. She says: “In my further art activity upon the graduation, I have deliberately refused to follow many principles that we were taught at the Academy. Having the professional backgrounds, allows me to play with forms, colors and composition, to go beyond the rules and deliberately allow incorrectness. Paradoxically, the resulting painting turns out to be more “correct”, if that is a right word to use here”.

In 10 years, Daria has reached definite tops. That has affected the prices for her paintings, and for example, they have doubled throughout the last year. She is a real hard-worker with the professional approach, which allows her to produce many paintings. And still, since she basically sells them out, often right after the execution, her gallery is somewhat missing her paintings. Interesting fact: in old days, Daria wanted to keep some her previous works at home, and so they were not available for sale. Daria considered them more expensive than she could sell them for. Now, she feels herself in a new creative phase – with new ideas in her mind and big productivity in her hands. She allowed her gallery to start offering her oldest-but-gold works. That might be a good time for potential buyers as some more paintings of high value are available! And their commercial value is fast growing! Private buyers have often been buying 4-5 paintings at once – to fill their apartment with new energy and emotions. And we now believe that the investment aspect of buying Daria Bagrintseva’s painting should not be forgotten. Say, one large international insurance company has bought 20 paintings by Daria. Ten of them were chosen from available ready-works, while ten more were pre-ordered at some general subject: Daria was free to fill the canvas with what she considered appropriate. 

And last comment is about Daria’s international activity, which is also growing year after year. In 2011, her works have been exhibited in several countries, like in: USA, France, Spain, Italy, India, Sweden, Bulgaria etc.. The USA art market and contemporary art museums are new challenging goal for Daria and her commercial management/gallery. While we have three definite invitations from London, Paris and Mumbai (India) for the year 2012, we are still looking forward to find partners in the USA. Daria wishes to spread her wings over America, to make Americans feel something new, to bring in her Art! And we believe that the main feature, the one word that we may describe Daria’s art with is: it is the Real Art! The New Art!


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