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Alice in Wonderland or All About the Blue Caterpillar - a painting of the new 'Miami Art Deco' set by Daria Bagrintseva. It is a balance between figurative and abstract painting. The paintings in this set fit perfectly into both contemporary and traditional interiors.
Introduced in Chapter Four ("Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill") and the main center of interest of Chapter V ("Advice from a Caterpillar"), the Caterpillar is a hookah-smoking caterpillar

 exactly three inches high (a height, the virtues of which, he defends against Alice's complaint). Alice does not like the Caterpillar when they first meet, because he does not immediately talk to her and when he does, it is usually in short, rather rude sentences, or difficult questions.

Alice in Wonderland (91,4x61cm / 36x24")

  • Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    SHIPPING: Free of charge

    TECHNIQUE: Acrylic on Canvas

    OTHER DETAILS: Ships in a hard tube. With maximum protection.

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