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This is an Author's copy. 


This painting was exhibited in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, Mumbai, Moscow.
The original painting was sold in 2012 to a private collector for $ 48,000.
Professor Dr Alexander Borovsky (Russian art historian; director of the Newest Trends Department at the State Russian Museum; curator of major contemporary art exhibitions) used this artwork as the title for his article about Daria Bagrintseva, for the 'Dialogue of the Arts' magazine .
This painting has become one of the symbols of the LIBERATED! project.
I believe no one has moral right to restrict an artist from respectful peaceful expression of personal feelings and beliefs, including those of sexual content. Art can be rated but not forbidden. I believe in personal freedoms, hence the name of my exhibit is LIBERATED. LIBERATED is a collection of paintings depicting and celebrating the pure act of Love. Pure Love has no gender preferences. Love transcends the Universe, manifesting itself in any form, shape or color.

KISS (Author's copy)(100x120cm/39,4x47")

  • This Art work delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    SHIPPING: Free of charge

    TECHNIQUE: Acrylic on Canvas

    OTHER DETAILS: Ships in a hard tube.

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