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Original painting from Daria's Diamond Collection (paintings priced over $100,000).


This painting was exhibited in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, Mumbai, Moscow.
'Art in America' magazine placed the painting in the December issue of 2012.
This artwork became the basis of the 'Liberated' project.
Mary Magdalene, literally translated as Mary the Magdalene or Mary of Magdala, was a Jewish woman who, according to texts included in the New Testament, traveled with Jesus as one of his followers. She is said to have witnessed Jesus'

 crucifixion and resurrection.
For me it is important to capture the living nature of things. Not only to reproduce accurately the external structure of the object, which is aimed at the eye, but to get into the soul of the existence of the image. Emancipation of the bodily principle through the comprehension of deep personal experience.

Maria (150x150cm/59,1x59,1")

  • Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    SHIPPING: Free of charge

    TECHNIQUE: Acrylic on Canvas

    OTHER DETAILS: Artwork on supported wooden frame. Artwork framed. 

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