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Landscape near St.-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France.
Daria Bagrintseva was impressed by authentic cosy fisherman's cottage on the Gironde estuary coast, from the domain Château Sociando-Mallet, Saint-Estèphe (Bordeaux).
Saint-Estèphe is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for red wine in the Bordeaux region, located in the Médoc subregion. It takes its name from the commune of Saint-Estèphe and is the northernmost of the six communal appellations

 in Médoc. Five classified growths of 1855 (Grands Crus Classés en 1855) are located within the appellation area. Saint-Estèphe has held AOC recognition since 1936.
Vines, it seems, were already being cultivated on the land around Saint-Estèphe in Roman times.
In the Middle Ages the wine business expanded, thanks to English buyers who regularly came to the port of Bordeaux for their wine. The draining of marshland, which began in the 17th century, made larger areas of land available for cultivation.

ST.-ESTÈPHE, BORDEAUX (100x200cm / 39.4x79")

  • Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    SHIPPING: Free of charge

    TECHNIQUE: Acrylic on Canvas

    OTHER DETAILS: Ships in a hard tube. With maximum protection.

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