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I made a series of paintings 'The Triumph of Life' at the height of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
Despondency reigns around. All parks and beaches are closed. People are sitting at home and afraid.
I wanted to share my hope for a better future, that everything will end well. The paintings from the series 'The Triumph of Life' are saturated with Light, the joy of being, and the delight of realizing the miracle of life. Bright and clear splashes of paint are well shaded by a background from a gold or silver leaves. The rich sparkling palette of paintings, as it were, tells us that life will triumph, light and joy will return to our streets, we will be happy and loved, learn to appreciate the simple joys of existence on Earth.
In my opinion, the most important thing now is to remain calm and remain human...
All my works are painted for and in support of this inspiration that gives us life. Which goes on no matter what!
Art gives strength and joy.The role of the artist in this is very important.

The Triumph of Life (152x122/60x48")

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