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There is something magical in the morning Venice. The sun has just risen, the gondoliers have not yet parted for their gondolas and they swing in the pearl waves of the Grand Canal. If you're lucky, you'll see how the sky turns into an Impressionist canvas in the style of William Turner.
Venice has long been a source of inspiration for authors, playwrights, and poets, and at the forefront of the technological development of 
During the 18th century,

 Venice became perhaps the most elegant and refined city in Europe, greatly influencing art, architecture, and literature.

VENICE, AT DAWN (50x70cm / 19.7x27.6")

  • Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    SHIPPING: Free of charge

    TECHNIQUE: Acrylic on Canvas

    OTHER DETAILS: Framed. Ships in a box. 

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