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Original painting from Daria's Diamond Collection (paintings priced over $100,000).

This painting has become one of the artworks of the Liberated project.
This project started in 2011 in partnership with State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia. It was dedicated to the grand idea of discovering personal freedom of expression, expanding horizons of the viewer in regards to passion and rich palette of all kinds of gender relationships, traditional and non-traditional alike.
However, while we were preparing for the show, the Russian Federation Supreme Court has issued a new law (code 6.21 and 148) prohibiting display and promotion of any materials pertaining to sexual minorities or any

LGBTQ+ people. The very paintings devoted to inner freedom became outlawed and criminal in their scope. It became impossible to display them in public.


I felt heartbroken every time I visited my studio where I kept my paintings, realizing nobody will ever see them as long as they remained in Russia. I decided it was time to LIBERATE my art and move everything to the place where freedom of expression is protect by law. Where people can just be themselves.
My journey led me to the city of Miami. Any language is welcome there, and the very essence of this place is art and freedom of expression. Creative energy is flowing throughout the whole city, and I immediately felt at home. I believe no one has moral right to restrict an artist from respectful peaceful expression of personal feelings and beliefs, including those of sexual content. Art can be rated but cannot be forbidden. I believe in personal freedoms, hence, the name of my exhibit is Liberated. Liberated is a collection of paintings depicting and celebrating the pure act of Love. Pure Love has no gender preferences. Love transcends the Universe, manifesting itself in any form, shape or color.
Life cannot exist without Love. Life is Love.
Love is a feeling we can all relate to. I am so fortunate to be able to bring my art to the place of freedom and dignity. I feel LIBERATED and ready to create more.

Daria Bagrintseva

Venus (150х150см/59x59")

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